I have been cooking like crazy for the past week…

 It started last Sunday, when I eagerly tried out Ginger Lemon Girl‘s, Delicious Gluten Free Belgian Waffles.  After craving the soft, yet crispy decadence of Belgian Waffles smoothered in whip cream and fruit for months, I finally gave in and purchased a Belgian Waffle Iron and began searching out Gluten-Free recipes.  I was ecstatic to discover Carrie’s recipe; the waffles were easy to make and tasted delicious, just like the waffles I remember.  In fact the recipe made enough waffles that I froze the excess in ziploc baggies and was able to enjoy this amazing treat all week long.  If you’re curious they crisped up wonderfully in the toaster.  Now I want to try the second recipe Carrie posted, Kelly’s Fast Whole-Grain Waffle “Sandwich Bread”, but first I’ll have to make her GF Master Baking Mix.

The first half of the week passed as per normal, feeding myself, feeding my husband; but on Thursday, I was a “baking machine”.  Friday was my five year old nephews, long awaited school Carnival/Fundraiser.  I of course, offered to make a cake for the cake walk, and my sister-in-law promptly requested her favourite – carrot cake. 

I work a part-time job on Thursday evening, and since I have known for months that I would need a fresh cake for a Friday, I made arrangements to have my shift covered.  I also decided that since I would be baking any ways, I would also bring in the treats for “Friday Morning Tea” in my office.  Last time I brought treats, I brought a carrot cake and half of a Gluten-Free Ponderosa Cake for my other GF friends.  Turns out everyone was intrigued by Gluten-Free and wanted to try it out, so this time I decided to only make Gluten-Free treats.

This Thursday, instead of working until 10pm, I baked until 10:30pm.  I made a carrot cake for my nephew; I do make his with flour, but I mix it all by hand and in the farthest corners of my kitchen, away from my food and my equipment.  At the same time, I also made my first attempt at adapting said recipe, yielding an amazing, moist gluten-free carrot cake. 

But that’s not all.  I also made Erin McKenna’s Allergen-Free Brownies again, this time using cane sugar instead of Agave Syrup (I noticed very little difference in taste – both were yummy!).  Finally, I made Chocolate Chip Banana Bread; an adapted version Erin McKenna’s Cinnamon-Banana Bread.  I’ll try and share the recipe soon.

I did not manage to get pictures of any of these treats as my office mates scarfed them down in record time – many commented how delicious the treats were and some even asked for the recipes.  In my books if gluten-eaters enjoy my Gluten-Free treats, I’ve definitley done something right.