A while back I discovered a copy of  “Living Without” magazine at my local London Drugs, I can’t always seem to find it, but when I do I always throw it in my basket and bring it home. Living Without is not just for us Gluten-Free folks, its for all of us who have to live without, whether your vice is dairy, soy, rice, corn, there seems to be a little bit of something for everyone.

The magazine included informative articles, including one on new research for Celiac’s Disease and an article for teens coping with Celiac’s.  The articles were well written and informative, the ads in the magazine all looked delicious and edible to me, not to mention the plethora of recipes, flour blends, egg substitutions and a substantial list of gluten-containing foods.

A couple of the recipes that caught my eye included:

  • GF Handmade pasta (this is what I used to make the ravioli I alluded to yesterday)
  • GF Soft Pretzels (mmm…this may have been one of my last gluten-full snacks back when I always felt sick)
  • GF Baguettes (Only two hours until I have a baguette in hand, sounds pretty good to me!)
  • GF Morning Pastries (I never really liked Pop Tarts, but these still have some appeal!)

Anyways, my point is, keep your eyes open and if you see LIVING WITHOUT Magazine have a quick peruse – personally, I was ecstatic to find a gluten-free magazine on my local store shelfs!