I started writing a post last week, but unfortunately got sidetracked.

I’m away for 3 weeks and will be visiting China, Hong Kong and Thailand. I have been on a similar trip twice before, but its been 12 years since my last trip and I was super excited to go again. I brought my son with me and my parents, grandmother and my aunts and uncles are all with me so it makes international travel with an 8 month infant slightly less daunting.

Eating gluten-free however is still an intimidating thought. Most places in the world are at least somewhat accommodating to a gluten-free diet, with all the sauces Chinese food however, is not. I love Chinese food and have slowly been learning to make my own gf renditions, but I knew if I came on this trip there was definitely going to be unavoidable contamination and likely even some conscious cheating. So far I have pretty much eaten rice, tofu and a little bit of chicken. I thought about cheating at lunch today, there were some apparently delicious dumplings and chow fun (rice noodles with beef and sauce) but we were going on a 3 hour bus ride directly following the meal and without access to a bathroom the thought was short-lived.

I am also armed with digestive enzymes and am taking those before I eat. I had a slightly upset tummy at lunch, but nothing too bothersome and no emergency trips to the bathroom as of yet, so I guess I’m doing ok. Wish me luck!