I know its been forever. It’s not that I’m not cooking and eating and enjoying the Gluten-Free life, its just that I’m now also living the Mommy-life!

My son is 2 months old now and we are starting to figure each other out and get into a little bit of a routine – I’m going to do my best to get back to blogging – I actually have a backlog of pictures to go with recipes sitting on my computer, so its not even like I don’t have anything to write about.

As a new Mom, I’ve discovered I watch A LOT of TV when its feeding time, and as many new Mom’s know, it feels like its always feeding time.  My Dad always used to talk about Rachael Ray and I would scoff, thinking who has time to watch these shows?  She can’t be that great.  I try and tune into the end half of her show as she has so many quick and easy meal ideas, many of which can easily be adapted to be Gluten-Free or that are naturally Gluten-Free.

For example, for the first time since having my baby, after watching her show, I found myself so inspired that I made a trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make a special dish.  So incredibly easy, I made Rachael Rays Chicken Parm Pasta Toss using Tinkyada penne and baby spinach (because I don’t like arugula).  I only wish I had taken a picture, because it was absolutley delicious both the first time around and when re-heated the next day.  Nice simple flavours – mmm.

And just the other day, I was inspired by Rachael Rays BLT Bacon, Leek & Tomato Polenta-Crusted Frittata.  Now I haven’t made this one yet, but it looked delicious and with a polenta crust its naturally gluten-free.  It seems to be very quiche-like; I usually make a crustless quiche using homemade GF bisquick-type mix (I actually use an adaptation of this, but I don’t have time to type it right now), which I love, but I think this might be faster if I didn’t already have a batch of mix pre-made.  I’ve also never cooked with leeks (suprisingly), so I think this particular recipe may be on my list to try.

Uh oh – baby beckons.  I’m off.