This Thursday was a big day for me;
June 19th marked my 1-year Gluten-Free-Anniversary.

It has been 1-year since I willingly, chose to eat a piece of toast, a slice of bagel, a muffin or a plethora of other food. It has also been 1-year since my body stopped hating me – since I stopped running to the washroom within an hour of every meal, since I had stomach pains and cramping so constant they weren’t even worth mentioning when someone inquired how I was feeling.

I’ve come a long way since that first day, when I was filled with frustration, anger even over the constant battle that I hadn’t even known I had been fighting. I was filled with doubt, uncertain that removing a long list of my favourite foods could possibly result in improving the current state of my stomach. This is understandable of course, my doctor had previously diagnosed my pain as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and when I followed the diet and took the medication, the symptoms did subside somewhat, however as soon as STRESS reared its ugly little head, both the diet and meds showed themselves to be utterly useless for me.

As I mentioned on my ABOUT page, within approximately 5 days of stringently following a gluten-free diet, my stomach cramps started to subside, my irritation and frustration began to decrease and I started to feel functional and human again. Not to say it was easy, for the first month all I ate was rice, chicken breast, vegetables and rice crackers…and I continued to be hungry and angry, asking questions such as why me, what am I supposed to eat and will I ever be able to eat out again? I think this blog is helping me to address my previous frustration and share my answers to those questions.

Fortunately, support was not far away. My direct supervisor’s husband has Celiac Disease and she has been wonderful to have around; providing tidbits of information, suggestions for gluten-free meals and as a wife that chooses to eat GF the majority of time, she has been a source of inspiration that a family can function with a gluten-free parent.

I had a dream last night. I remember very little, except for the fact that I was at some sort of function, a dinner party perhaps, and the food was delicious. When dessert came around there was this lovely chocolate cake, layered between fudgy chocolate icing. I ate about half of the piece of cake, before suddenly realizing that it was certainly not gluten-free. I swear I had stomach cramps in my sleep and that’s why I remember this portion of the dream so vividly.

It’s only been a year, but I know that at this point in my life, I would never eat baked goods without assurance it was gluten-free, I’m happy and healthy living the Gluten-Free life, but it turns out that says nothing about my dreams and my sub-conscious mind.