Back in November, I started to see a naturopath and was amazed at the level of attention and care that I received.  I no longer felt rushed in and out of the doctors office; I’d become used to being quickly dismissed as a “healthy young person”, regardless of my ailment.  My naturopath actually listened, talked to me and believed there may be something wrong with me.  And as an environmentalist, I much prefer the thought of putting natural remedies into my body rather than synthetic chemicals.  Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Dr.Allison in a few months, and we certainly have more issues to work through, but the truth is I know when I go back, I will be welcomed and not scolded. 

But I digress, my point here is that one of the issues we were able to identify, was that I have low acidity in my stomach, which of course means that the food I consume is not necessarily being broken down to the greatest extent possible before it begins the digestive journey.  Combined with my Gluten-sensitivity, which one has to imagine would be aggravated by gluten that had not been maximally broken down, Dr.Allison provided me with digestive enzymes to assist in the breakdown of my food and improve the health of my gut. 

I try to keep a handful of enzymes in every bag or purse that I carry, and I take one before each meal that is prepared by anyone but myself.  If I suspect contamination, I will also take an additional enzyme after the meal.  It’s hard to say exactly how effective the enzymes are, but at the least they provide me with peace of mind and best case scenario, they minimize my symptoms.  Although they were initially associated with low acidity and gluten-intolerance, I’m fairly certain I will still continue this regime once I get my stomach acidity in check.

NOTE: I am not a naturopath or healer of any type.  
This is merely my personal experience and opinion.