The first day back, after a 4 day weekend is always hard.  Fortunately, 4 days off also generally means a busy day, which of course goes by quite quickly.  I managed to sneak in a trip to Choices Market on the weekend, which means I have a fridge full of delicious foods, including a few of my pre-made Gluten-Free favourites.

As you may have gathered, I love to cook and I love to feed people.  In general, I prefer to prepare my own food as I then have so much more control over what exactly I am eating and in what quantity.  That being said, there are definitely some pre-made food that is fabulous.

I started my morning off with some LifeStream Buckwheat Berry Waffles, which I purchase every time I see them on sale and then promptly devour them before becoming sad that the box is empty.  If you haven’t tried these, I highly recommend them – in addition to being delicious, they often go on sale for little more money than regular Eggo waffles.  In fact this weekend, they were the cheapest I had seen, 2 boxes for $6.  You KNOW I bought 2 boxes.

Perhaps not exactly a pre-made food, but another item I can’t seem to leave Choices without, are Food for Life, Brown Rice Tortillas.  These tortillas are not only delicious, they crisp up wonderfully and make great quesedillas, they don’t fall apart quite as easily as corn tortillas and at $3.99 for 6 they aren’t really all that much more expensive than wheat tortillas.  Make sure you look in the freezer section, or you won’t find them.


Speaking of pre-made food, everyone’s lazy sometimes; tonight we had M&M Meats Bistro Chicken Swiss, which is basically an un-breaded chicken cordon bleu.  Although you can’t tell from this product listing, I couldn’t find any gluten-containing items in the ingredients, and it came up on M&M’s gluten-free list (they can print off a gluten-free list in store, it takes about 10 minutes, so make sure you have time – at my store they keep it in the drawer available for any customer that asks to see it), not to mention I’ve ate it quite a few times without problems.

Well, that’s today’s glimpse into the shopping cart.