I told someone at work the other day;
I think I could have been a Baker – in another life
Not only do I think it, I know it.

I couldn’t resist – a day off and a few hours to spare before heading out to catch up with an old high school friend.  Amazing Black Bean Brownies are in the oven and they smell delicious.  I’ve learned that the best way to let recipes that need cooling, actually cool – is to leave the house.  I have a plan.

I will say that despite being a relativley straight forward recipe, these brownies take a lot of equipment – I needed my microwave, my food processor, my kitchen aid not to mention a couple extra bowls for mixing and blending.  I am a believer in trying a recipe as-is the first time, so that you always have a refernce point for changes you  might make in the future.  That being said, I did replace the walnuts with chocolate chips (added to the chocolate mixture, after blending the bean mixture, but before adding the egg mixture) as my little sister is allergic to nuts, and I’m planning on taking them to my parents for dinner tonight. 

 I did however, manage to suppress my urge to replace some of the butter (it uses a whole cup!) with some coconut oil, canola oil or even some applesauce.  In my opinion, this recipe is also a little bit on the pricey side, 1.5 cups of Agave is a fair amount – especially since the jars I’ve been able to find are about $9 for 500ml.  I may try using semi-sweet chocolate next time in order to take the Agave down a notch, although I know it ups the refined sugar uptake.

 Mmm, they just came out of the oven – I can’t wait to eat them.


Note: I couldn’t find a big enough pan, so I used a 9×13 and an 8×8!