When I found out I had to drastically alter my diet, I immediately looked to the Internet. I searched and clicked, reading and discovering everything I could, about Gluten-Free eating. I spend hours looking at recipes and reading articles, sometimes I feel like I’ve found so much wonderful information, there can’t possibly be more. But there is more. There’s always more. A new keyword to search, a link from a friend or a blog, or sometimes sheer luck. Regardless, I consistently find new GF discoveries hidden throughout the Internet.

You may notice, I updated my sidebar, with a couple of new food blogs – I’m not sure how I’ve managed to miss a few of them for so long.

Elana’s Pantry is full of delicious recipes, in fact I’ve already made two of her recipes – in the last 3 days. I made her power bars only I used almonds AND cashews for my base, and melted unsweetened chocolate (with a handful of chocolate chips) to top my bars off. They were so delicious, I had to pack a few up and throw them in the freezer for fear I would eat them all before the weekends end.

My house is filled with the sweet aroma of vanilla, almonds and raisins, as I made my first batch of Elana’s granola just this morning. I used 3/4 cashews and 1/4 pine nuts in place of the macadamia’s, added a 1/4 cup of coconut and drizzled with brown rice syrup. Now cool, I tested the granola on some plain probiotic yogurt – delicious!! Next time I may add some fruit, or even try applesauce instead of raisins, but for now, I will just enjoy.

I will warn you now, if you are allergic to nuts, Elana’s Pantry may be a disappointment. Elana and her family can obviously tolerate nuts – the majority of her recipes call for almonds or blanched almond flour. Personally, I can eat nuts, the recipes I’ve tried have been delicious and I’m eager to try many more of her recipes…

I also found Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks, her site is well organized making it easy to find her very full listing of 101 Cookbooks: Gluten-Free – I can’t wait to try the recently posted, amazing black bean brownies