And the Dim Sum verdict?

My enzymes, combined with wheat-free diligence allowed me to enjoy dim sum, without the post meal stomach troubles. YAY!!

Unfortunately, I did recently have a reminder about the importance of reading the ingredients with a fine toothed comb. On a recent trip to the Asian grocery, I was ecstatic to discover cup-o-rice noodles, I quickly read the ingredients and happily purchased a few to try…Upon emptying the veggie packet into the soup, I was distraught to discover what looked like seaweed floating in my bowl. A quick review of the ingredients yielded wakame.

Unfortunately, I was working late and had no other food options, so I ate the noodles. I tried to avoid the seaweed, and truthfully wasn’t overly concerned as I do eat sushi. However, an hour later, I needed to be relieved to use the facilities – apparently wakame DEFINITLEY has soy sauce.